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Hello let´s talk about what my family and I do heading up to Christmas and what we do on Christmas.  What we do heading up to Christmas is we like to put up our tree me and my brother put up the ornaments and my mom puts up the rest of the stuff, my dad usually does the stuff that goes outside my favorite part is putting up the angel because I get to put is up. I love when we go over to my grandparents house because I get to see my great grandmother she is so short but so funny. My mom´s side of the family because they are like the nicest people ever. On the day after Christmas we go over to my dad´s mom´s house and we celebrate with kind of my cousins they really are not my cousin I just call them my cousin. That´s why I love Christmas so much.

Christmas Trees

                                             Valentines Day


My family and I don´t really do anything for Valentines Day, but I just really love this holiday. Why do I love this holiday? I love this holiday because it´s kind of about love and I think love is amazing because it´s when people can just come together and if they need someone to talk to then they have someone that you can just let out your feelings to them and they would not say anything. Valentine´s day is mostly about love and that really why I love this holiday. In elementary when we could make a box so other people can but candy in I really loves this part because we had a contest even though I never entered because I did not think that all the boxes I mad looked good because I just thought that.  Valentines Day is just a good day to spend with your family. This is why I love Valentines Day so much.


Valentine Boxes



What I do for Easter is my family (but my dad) goes to church and I love going to church because it makes all of my nerves and when I´m stressed they all go away because I´m with my best friend Jesus. Then we all get dressed and we go over to my grandmas house and we just hang out then once everyone is there then we let the little kids outside and find plastic eggs that my grandma put out in her yard. when all the eggs are gone we go up on the deck and there are pieces of candy and pennies in the plastic eggs and we all see what they got and the kids get o excited when they see all the stuff inside the eggs. This is my favorite because I get to spend time with my loving family. This is why I love this holiday.


Easter Eggs










Limassol, Cyprus - Christmas Tree 2016 Andreas Komodromos via Compfight


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