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IMG_1016Creative Commons License Steve Baker via Compfight This is this the first blog I am posting about me.  The task I am doing is alphabetical post about me.  I want to become more athletic than I am right now.  I like to read fun book’s.  I LOVE cheer leading because I get to hang out with my 2nd family . I like dogs the reason I like dogs is because I have 3 dogs and they are so cute. I absolutely love elephants because they are just so fat and cute. I do not like to fish  because it’s just so disgusting when we have to take the hook out of there mouth ew. I want to learn how to golf  really good because i’m only good at miniature golf. One really weird thing about me is I have never ridden a horse  and when I am at my friends house she has so many horses but we never ride them.  You know one thing I absolutely love. Ice cream.   Why because its just so yummy.  For j it going to be jumping jacks why because working out is so fun especially with my friends. I’m the kindest person ever. I know there are a lot of people that are very funny  but I am not funny at all. One thing is a wear mitch match  socks a lot who doesn’t. I really like to get my nails done with my mom but I don’t get them done a lot because I cant wear them with cheer. My name is Olivia.   I love the color pink and purple.  I don’t like quizzes. I like to run. I like to swim with my friends and family. I like turtles. I want to go to Utah. I want to go into the store Victoria’s Secret. I like to get wet in the rain. I want to learn how to play a xylophone. I hate the color yellow. I really love the zoo I only like the zoo because of the animals.

By:Olivia Stewart

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